The following are examples of sound mixing and sound design in both long-form and short-form.

These examples are a mix of broadcast, web and corporate mixes.

All vision and audio remain © copyright of their respective rights holders.

The Recruit - Season One Episode One / Fox 8 

(Long Form)

One of my favourite series to work on. As it was episode one of a brand new show there was lots of great sound design to do on the many graphical elements, which served as a template for the remaining series. Lots of dialogue editing and ADR of pick-up lines often recorded in less than ideal conditions in the field. I love the first 3-minute 'super-tease'. It's very emotionally powerful and was produced and edited wonderfully.

This is the first segment of the 90-minute episode one. 

Cosentino The Magic The Mystery the Madness / Network 7 (Long Form)

Another one of my favourite series. Lots of wonderful sound design from the animated opening titles through to the big stage shows with lots going on.

In regards the mix it was very important to get the right feel between the dialogue, music and applause, all leading up to the big reveal.

This is the first segment of the first of three 1-hour specials.

Under the Hammer - Season 2 Episode 10 / Network 7 (Long Form)

These types of reality shows rely on very clean and clear dialogue and the right emotive music to help move the narrative along. The music often needs to be understated yet flowing with just the right emotional highlights to really emphasise key moments.

This is the first segment of series two episode ten.

A really lovely show which unfortunately was not renewed for a second season. As it was the first episode of a brand new show there was a small amount of sound design in the opening titles, but the music and lyrics really drove them and so the sound effects needed to be secondary and more in the background. Lots of cleaning up of dialogue as there often is in these fly-on-the-wall documentary series.

Meet the Frockers - Season 1 Episode 1 / Foxtel

(Long Form)

A great example of how the sound design and mix can really bring professional polish to a corporate web video. The client brief was that the music needs to drive it but the sound effects still need to be heard along with the dialogue grabs. I love how it starts almost understated with the music and mix and then builds to a great crescendo.

AFL International Show Reel - Web & Corporate / AFL Media (Short Form)

One of my favourite short-form pieces many years after it went to air. An example of a great script and VO read, great editing, great music choice and a great sound mix. It still gets the hairs on the back of my neck up everytime I listen to it. I regularly guest lecture at the School of Audio Engineering and this is what I play as a great example of an emotive opener that really works well.

This was mixed on-site at Bathurst V8's on a Pro Tools fly-away-kit.

Bathurst V8 opener - Network 7 (Short Form)

Cosentino Promo - Web & Corporate (Short Form)

Another great example of how the sound design and mix can really bring professional polish to a corporate web video. This is a great piece produced at CODA and was a real pleasure to sound design and mix. It is really music driven but the sound effects still need to be heard and also to have an emotional impact, especially the applause.

AFL Brownlow Opener 2007 - Network 7 (Short Form)

This is over 10 years old and is still a favourite. It was the first piece I mixed that was to be featured in prime time as it was the 'opener' for Network 7's Brownlow telecast in 2007. Up until this point I had been mainly mixing promos and sports packages and to be asked to mix the Brownlow opener was a privilege. As it is all animated there was lots of great sound design which I think works really well.