Sharpe Sound specialises in Sound Mixing and Sound Design for Broadcast, Film and Web.

Our services include; Mixing, Foley, ADR, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects, Ambiances, Music & Effects (M&E’s) for foreign sales, Supervision and much more.

Audio Post Production


Audio Post for Theatrical, Broadcast & Web in Lt Rt Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound as well as delivering M&E and other stems.

We use Pro Tools HD software, the industry standard, making collaboration with editors and other studios seamless.

Sound Mixing & Sound Design


Whether it's designing sound fx for moving graphics, fixing noisy location sound, mixing different sounds together to create the perfect atmosphere, or quickly turning around a project, Sharpe Sound can sound design and mix any project, long-form or short-form.

VO / ADR & Dialogue Editing


We have extensive experience in VO recording and editing, as well as ADR for film. We have access to a full range of microphones to match what was used on location and we enjoy finding the right sounding microphone for each and every voice-over artist we record.

Sound Effects, Foley & Ambiances


Our digital library contains the latest in stereo and 5.1 surround sound effects, foley and ambiances.

These are constantly updated which means not only will you have a great sound mix but also a uniquely sounding one as well.

Loudness Compliance for Broadcast


We fully understand and deliver complete Loudness Compliance for all broadcast markets around the World.

For example, Australia's legal requirement is the OP 59 standard which in technical terms means all audio must be mixed to -24 LKFS.

High Speed Internet


Deadlines are important. Sharpe Sound features high-speed internet for file delivery using the very reliable Digital Pigeon

Typical upload times for mixes and stems are;

3 minute package - 30 seconds 

30 minute package -  5  minutes

1 hour package - 10 minutes.

Sound Supervisor


Have you ever been in an audio post session and thought, "I wish we had done the location recording differently"?

Sharpe Sound offers a complimentary Sound Supervisor service to help ensure a smooth post production experience.

Please contact us to learn more.

Pro Tools Fly-Away-Kit


We offer a complete Pro Tools HD rig to work on site at either production recordings or at production houses.

We have previously worked for V8 Media - V8 Bathurst, Channel 10 - Formula One and Channel 7 - AFL.

Please contact us for more information.

Location Sound


We offer a full location sound service from one operator to as many as you need with wireless microphones and wireless links, timecode and IFB's.

We offer a discount for bundled location sound and audio post work.

Please contact us to learn more.